Directional antenna for DW

Hi all,

I am looking for some alternatives for a standart DW antenna.
I want to replace it with a directional antenna with a horizontal angle (<180°) and with a maximal low vertical angle.

My solutions are horn antenna or a vivaldi antenna.

Can anybody help me with some more advices and may be online stores.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Hi Igor,

we are currently working on a directional antenna design. It has a horizontal (but also vertical) angle of about 90°.
The big advantage is that is very small (in comparison to the horn and vivaldi antenna you have mentioned). The size is 25x23x4 mm.

Currently we are working on a publication and a patent so I cannot give you further details now. But it will be published soon. So if you can wait a little bit we would be very happy if you will use our design.

Graz University of Technology

Thank you Bernhard, we would like to use your antennas but as you said it take some time. Please let me know if some of your products will be available. And again thank you for the response.

The probleme is, we need to make measurement for our project now, so if some know some source where we can purchase UWB antennas (6.5GHz) we will be very happy.


Interested as well.

+1 from my side.
For anchors I am looking for an antenna that is directed to 1 side only 120degree horizontal and ca 90degree vertical.