Direct saving of location data from Listener to Database

Hello everyone,

[color=#333333]We have a problem on how to log the data on the [/color][color=#333333]database[/color][color=#333333]. With that, we have created our plan, and I want it to share to you and let me hear your opinion. I am using Tera Term and my plan to store the locations in the [/color][color=#333333]database[/color][color=#333333] are the following:[/color]
[color=#333333]1. Set the Tera Term to automatically log the location to a specific .txt file (Notepad file).[/color]
[color=#333333]2. Write a php code that will retrieve the data from the .txt file then explode the coordinates and store the data on the [/color][color=#333333]database[/color][color=#333333].[/color]
[color=#333333]3. For every 5 minutes (our preferred time interval), our cron job will run on the background that executes the php code.[/color]
[color=#333333]4. From that, we will create a grid that will serve as the GUI that has search function to identify the location for a specific time.[/color]

[color=#333333]This is our whole game plan for the RTLS to retrieve the data. We are currently using php as our standard programming language.[/color]

Question: Is there a way to directly save the data location without undergoing the text file from Tera Term?

[color=#333333]Thank you all in advance.[/color]

I think is more simple and elegant to get positions data accesing serial port via PHP

Hi ektorito,

Do you have procedures on how to get those? Thanks.

Sorry, I donĀ“t work with PHP

Hi everyone,

Currently, we are reserving our first plan as our last option. Because it seems that it will require high maintenance and risks. Our target is to have multiple listeners and if we do the logging of data on text files then save it into database, it would require every listeners to have text files and merge it into a server that might cause too much server space usage. So we are finding ways on how to get and save directly the location data from Tera Term into our database. We are using MySQL as our database and PHP as our standard programming language. We hope that we can achieve our goal and might help others too. Thank you in advance for your help.