Different results with the same signals. Why?


Maybe one can figure out where is the mistake:
tes3.qsch (47.5 KB)

The correct ones are results with G_S14_2, etc, so with 2:

They are looking the same:

But I do not know why I am receiving different results though as you can see from above the signals are the same:

With G_S14_2, G_S23_2. G_S58_2 and G_S67_2:

With G_S14_1, G_S23_1. G_S58_1 and G_S67_1:

To be at the beginning, although after the first period the signals become ok:

Hm…I see that by putting here 0.49 instead of 0.5 then seems to work also with G_S14_1.etc. so with 1:

The signals also are still the same in this case with 0.49 as is in the case with 0.5…but why the results are changing so drastically going from 0.49 to 0.5 I do not know…but maybe one can figure out why is so…