Different Devices With DWM1001 On Them

Hi, if I plan on having the DWM1001 on multiple devices, what would be a good way to differentiate between each device type using the DWM1001 only. The initial idea was to have a tag come into range of an anchor, see that the anchor’s ID was within a certain value range which would denote what type of device the anchor was attached to, then contact the device over an RF channel based on a calculation from the ID, but I then found that the ID was read only, and thus setting ID ranges for specific devices is not possible. Is there another parameter with at least 2 bytes which is settable and easily transmittable between a tag and an anchor like how the node ID is displayed by the “les” or “la” command?

Alternatively information on how nodes are assigned their ID’s would also be quite helpful, if it is predictable then I could potentially create a system around that for identifying device type.