Differences between TREK1000 and MDEK1001

I was initially planning on ordering the TREK1000 Evaluation Kit, but then I noticed that the MDEK1001 Development Kit apparently has a lot more functionalities and its price is less than one third the price of the TREK1000 Evaluation Kit. I was also planning on buying some additional DWM1000 Modules, but then I also noticed that the DWM1001 Modules have a lower cost. Why are the TREK1000 Evaluation Kit and DWM1000 Modules more expensive than the MDEK1001 Development Kit and DWM1001 Modules, when, apparently, the 1001 series implements a lot more functionalities? Is there any major advantage in the 1000 series that I am not noticing?

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Fair question -

My advise is to take the MDEK as it will allow to immediately get up and running with a fully functional RTLS system. With the DWM1001C modules and its RTLS software stack (PANS) you can quickly move to market with your product idea. The DWM1001C module is cost effective solution for mass production.

TREK is an older and more expensive system. It does not have a sophisticated software stack. If you want to test different channels and UWB configurations, Trek provides that flexibility. Trek and its BOM is not suitable to be mass produced.

Thank you for your answer. I also noticed that in the product brief of the DWM1000, it is stated that it has a 300m range and supports LOS and NLOS. While the profuct brief of the DWM1001, only states that it has a 60m LOS range. Does this mean that the DWM1001 cannot work with NLOS?

Hi ,
The DWM1000 could have 100+ meter range.
The 300m quoted would be for DW1000 designs and could possibly be achieved. However it would depend on software configuration, antenna selection and for example PCB design which should have little or no loss in the receive path from antenna to chip.
And ofcourse, range is compromised in NLOS and/or reflection situations and this could be (partly) resolved by adding more nodes and/or modify RF settings.

DWM1001 and DWM1000 , work equally as good (or bad) in NLOS situations. It’s just that with EVK/TREK/DWM1000 one can modify RF settings more easily to improve NLOS performance.


I’ve been read the DecaWave documentation:
-DW1000 is a UWB transceiver

-DWM1000 is a pcb circuit with a DW1000 transceiver

-The DWM1001 module combines the DW1000, a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 MCU and a 3-axis accelerometer.

Features of the dw1000, dwm1000 and dwm1001 are the same with LOS or NLOS condition.


We are starting a development using Decawave solutions. We have one TREK1000 kit (4xEVK1000) and one DWM1001-DEV.

Can we use TREK1000 modules (it seems to be a called EVK1000) as Anchors and DWM1001C as a Tag? Will it work using default examples without more firmware changes?

Are there suggestion to start using this setup?

Thanks in advance.