Differences between DW1000 and DW3000 modules


I need some help on the technical part of the differences between DW1000 and DW3000 modules.

At the moment, I am engaged in the development of RTLS based on DWM3000EVB boards and ML algorithms at my university. The input data for the models is mostly just CIR accumulator data. The problem is that we do not have the resources to collect our own dataset for training the model, so we plan to use ready-made datasets, which are mainly recorded using DW1000 modules. Naturally, the question arises as to how useful this data will be given that trained models will operate on DW3000 data. Perhaps (just pretty much guessing) these modules have certain differences in antenna characteristics, preamble correlation algorithms, etc., which may affect compatibility.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me understand this question, and describe the differences in the characteristics of these modules (either physical hardware differences or certain software differences) that may affect the results. I was able to find some information on the DW1000 modules, such as antenna specifications, but I was unable to find such information for the DW3000, and in any case I don’t have enough experience interpreting that information to say whether it could potentially affect the result.