Difference between MDEK1001 and TREK1000

I am trying to understand the key differences between the MDEK1001 and the TREK1000 kits. I know the MDEK1001 includes 12 tag/anchors using the DWM1001 boards which incorporate the Nordic BLE chip while the TREK1000 includes 4 DW1000 boards. I would have assumed the MDEK1001 kit would have been more expensive, but it appears to be 1/3 of the cost. Can someone explain why? Is it because the TREK1000 includes source code?

The MDEK is cheaper mainly because of a much cheaper BOM cost and the fact that there are many more nodes per MDEK then per TREK. ie. the cost for production of high volume MDEK nodes is much less then the production of number of EVBs (making up for TREK1000 or EVK1000).
Costumers do purchase MDEKS while others TREK and or EVK. (and a couple of DWM1000).
The decission on what to start the design with (MDEK or EVK or TREK) all depends on the end application and the development budgets.
The product briefs of each of the products (MDEK/EVK/TREK) will give you more information.