Difference Between DWM3000EVB and Third-Party Devices

Hello all!

I am fairly new to the wireless field, and to UWB as well. I recently got this device, DW3000 with integrated ESP32 module and facing some issues and also came up with some questions. They are mainly about Apple U1 interoperability and getting PDoA or AoA.

A. The device I have is ‘ESP32 UWB DW3000’ from Makerfabs: (ESP32 UWB DW3000(Ultra Wideband) | Makerfabs). Does this device support identical functionality to the Qorvo’s evaluation board - ‘DWM3000EVB’ (DWM3000EVB - Qorvo)?

B. Qorvo nearby interaction firmware seems to be supporting DWM3000EVB with corresponding quick start guide stated Nordic board but it is unclear how to apply it on ESP32 UWB DW3000 from Makerfabs. Perhaps this board is not supported?

C. Is PDoA or AoA functionality achievable with either DW3000EVB or the Makerfabs device stated above?

Thank you for your answers in advance.

A) They support identical UWB functionality. The UWB part is the same and so has the same capabilities. From the brief look I took at them the makerfabs libraries they look to be a port of an older release of the official qorvo driver libraries with an optional extra wrapper layer on top to make basic operations simpler.

B) Nothing on this board is officially supported by Qorvo or will be mentioned in any Qorvo documentation. It’s nothing to do with them.
The underlying driver API calls should be the same since under the covers it’s using a version of the qorvo driver. As such most example code should be fairly easy to port if it doesn’t run directly. However it is a different processor and so you will need to build the examples / applications from the source if you want them to work.

C) No. AoA requires a twin antenna system and a different version of the DW3000 chip that supports two antennas. This board can be used as a signal source that a twin antenna system could then measure the angle to but can’t measure angles itself.

Thank you for detailed answer.