Difference between DWM3000 (ESSR and TR13 )

Hi everyone,

Could you help me figure out the difference between DWM3000-ESSR and DWM3000TR13?
In my point of view, ESSR is for the engineering sample and TR13 is the product version.
Is this collect??


You’re correct:
ES stands for engineering sample. While the two additional letters the size of the reel.

DWM3000ESSR 100-piece reel containing 100 DWM3000 engineering samples
DWM3000TR13 500-piece reel containing 500 Mass Production (MP) parts

All the quantities:
DWM3000SB 5-piece bag
DWM3000SQ 25-piece bag
DWM3000SR 100-piece reel
DWM3000TR13 500-piece reel


Hi Leo,

Thank you for the reply. I got it!