Diagnostics in responder mode crashes on DWM3001CDK

Hi everyone!

When I run one responder and one initiator in CLI mode with the precompiled hex files, the diagnostic mode does not work properly. I initially initialize the initiator with the simple command “initf,” and on the responder side, I run “diag 1” and “respf.” After approximately one hundred blocks, the terminal of the responder crashes, and I receive erroneous messages.

However, if I run the diagnostic mode on the initiator, it works fine. I really need to understand why this happens and how to fix it, as I want to extract CIRs from the responder side.

Please verify if you can reproduce the error! Thanks a lot!

Hi @hoangle,

I could not reproduce your error.
Using precompiled hex file, I could reach 1000 blocks and still working.

Hi @Wassim_Qorvo, that was a silly mistake of me, the script I ran on the responder was actually my custom code. I found out that the module crashes because of a malloc error when I try to read the CIR. Now it works properly. I still have some questions regarding the CIA processing in multi-node mode.

Given 2 or more responders and one inititator, is there any good way to access the CIRs of each 2-way channel and form a channel matrix? My idea is to read the CIRs at the responders, but I think the channel is not reciprocal, hence it makes not too much sense in doing that. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, do You know ho to extract the CIR values?

'How do you read the CIR values?