Device´s bias point parameters and their plotting

I would like to inquire if QSPICE has the capability to display component operating point parameters similar to how LTspice does (as shown in the attached image).

Also, is it possible to plot some of these parameters, e.g., a transistor’s transconductance (gm) or threshold voltage on a variable in DC or STEP analysis?

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This is an example to get Gm from MOSFET. If you plot drain current vs gate voltage, .op with .step or .dc can both work. As this example also demonstrate the use of .ac, I use .step which can be switch between .op and .ac simulation.

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This is an example of measuring Vgs,threshold with a .meas statement.

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Dear Kelvin,

Thank you for your swift response and the guidance provided. I am very satisfied with the information you’ve given. The software appears to be excellent, and I look forward to exploring its capabilities further.