Determine the direction of the signal coming from Tag


We have considered DW1000 chip for one of our product. (RFID Tag & Reader)
Our objective is to identify the direction of the signal coming from Tag.
We are working on calculation part of angle of arrival using DW1000.
Is there any application note available for firmware implementation?


A single DW1000 can’t give you angle of arrival.
You can use two of them connected in the correct way to measure the phase difference of arrival and so calculate an angle, there are some apps notes on this.
Or you could use a DW3000, there are some versions of this with two antenna ports that support PDoA in a single chip.

Hi, Thank you for your comment.
I have gone through the datasheet of DW3000, it supports 6.5GHz (CH 5) & 8GHz (CH 9) only. We need to use 3.5GHz (CH 1) or 4GHz (CH 2) for our application, so DW1000 is useful. We have EVK of DW1000, we will try on the same.
It will be helpful if you can share the application note if any (using DW1000)

There used to be a DW1000 based PDoA demo kit and documentation but they seem to have removed all mention of it from the web site. I’m sure copies of the documentation for it are still out there somewhere but I don’t have anything archived myself.
A quick google did show this up:

Ok. Thank you for feedback. I will go through the attached document