DEMO not working

Is anyone else having trouble with the latest version of Qspice? The Transformer Saturation demo no longer runs (does not generate plots):

Also Its hard to say exactly but this version of Qspice seems more glitchy, the windows have strange behavior when you have more than one Qspice window open.


No problem found. Update to latest version and re-try.


Hmm, I wonder about the Mar 4 build. Or maybe its my PC. I didn’t realize there was a Mar 5 build. Usually I get a popup when I start Qspice alerting me to the latest version.

I got the latest version from today and I still have the same issue. I must have hosed my Qspice install somehow. Is there some global settings file for qspice?

Hi, Jay.

I think QSpice stores settings in the Registry: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Marcus Aurelius Software LLC.

Probably easiest is an uninstall/install cycle…


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Did a full uninstall restart install but I still have the same issue. Not sure if it is a clue but the plot always shows as tmp.qraw

Other demos have the same/similar issue:

Hmm. Well, I’m running “today’s verson.”


I have no problems with the Amp.qsch demo. The waveform viewer opens tmp.qraw for me as well.

Depending on your comfort level with Registry stuff, you could rename the registry key (from above) temporarily – with QSpice closed – and see if QSpice refreshes to defaults. I’m not saying you should do this but, if you do, you can always rename the key back to the original after deleting any newly created registry entry.

Well I tried editing the reg but I still have the same issue. I can get the demo to run and plot but only if I manually open the plot window and probe the wires, the .plot line does not work. Also I have noticed that when qspice is not plotting correctly it will open a tmp.qraw.

When I open one of my own designs the .plot line works and it opens a plot window named [schematic name].qraw not tmp.qraw

Well I’m stumped but I guess I can work around the issue.

OK, just a guess but I suspect that tmp.qraw is normal. That is, because the demo is in a read-only folder, the output must be placed in a different read/writable folder. But I’ve not investigated this deeply. (Sorry – I’m working on a project that I would very much like to finish and share.)

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