Decreasing update rate

I want to create a system that can work with 100000+ tags.
To make sure i would not exceed the 150 HZ limit i was thinking about a much slower update rate.
Is it possible to decrease the update rate below the 60 seconds specified for the system?(Maybe using user c code?). What problems am i likely to face?
And are there any other ways of achieving the goal of 100000 tags?

Hi J_K,

For such a large number of tags, I would recommend to use a TDoA based system and not a TWR system (as MDEK/PANS) as they cannot support that many tags.

TDoA offers a very high density and can support several thousand of tags in addition to an accuracy up to 10cm.

Decawave has a TDoA solution available to customers. If you would like more information, please contact our sales department :

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Thank you for the fast reply!

What is the limiting factor for TWR in large scale?I plan to let the modules sleep for a semi random time and then check if there is a rangingframe availible and sent their date.

What would be te main problem for the modules to do this on such a large scale?

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i’m learning a lot in this forum!!
If you could separate your positioning system into several subsystems, you could use the DWM1001.
The DWM1001 is based on TWR location engine and not need clock synchronization.
If this is not possible you should use the TTK1000, based on TDOA, allow a faster positioning but need clock synchronization.

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I am already working with the DWM1001, great device!
I would like the complete system to be without any blind spots. So i might make a timing sceme for the minute that it would send the data of all tags. Deviding the system into subsystems in that way. Hoping the PANS library has a way to allow this.

Any recommendations are always appreciated.

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Hi J-K,

The slowest update rate supported by pans is 0.016Hz, so one update every minute. Theoretically it supports 9000 tags as there are 15 slots.

This is a limit from the system. Keep in mind PANS/MDEK is not design for such large system.

I am not sure what you mean by making a timing scheme, but keep in mind even though there is a user space within PANS, what can be done is restricted to make sure the UWB layer is not broken by the user. You will not be able to change any timing regarding when device are transmitting.


Hi Yves,

Thank you for your reply.
I meant forcing the devices to go into deep sleep mode for a certain periode of time. Making sure that no more than 5000 tags are connected at the same time.

Still reading all the documentation regarding collisions and the general working of the system to check if this will work. I will do my best to update the topic when i know the detaills, hope i can help some people who want to do the same thing.

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