Decawave TWR Big Deviation on ranging values

Hi all,

I’m currently evaluating the distance value given out by the two board. My program is mainly from the example codes of 5a/5b for double sided TWR. I have set the device to use the mode 3.

For evaluation, I have placed both of the device at around 8 meters distance and as you see in my screenshot. The values deviate a lot by having max value of 854 cm and min value of 748 cm. What I observed from the readings is that this pattern keep repeating from the min value to go up slowly and it gives out 96 data before it reaches the max value and back to min.

What are the possibilities that this could occur? Any suggestion are welcome.


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What board did you use? I tested the EVK1000 evaluation kit, out of box without parameter change, and it seems fine.

I also tested TWR with two units of the MDEK1001 development kit and it was way off mark. The physical distance is about 4 meters, and the App showed like 5000 meters. Have not figured out why yet.

Good luck.



Im using EVK1000 board, so from your evaluation it does have a 1000 meters difference? May I know which mode are you using and which example you used for your reference? My code used reference from 5a/5b. Thanks!