Decawave PDoA tag/node double buffering


We’re building a prototype consisting of multiple PDoA nodes and tags. Due to the way ranging transactions are designed, I would like to turn on double buffering in the software of both the node and the tag. Double buffering is turned off for both tag and node in the software (dwt_setdlbrxbuffmode(0)). Enabling it, the tag is not able to receive any more messages than the first, what else needs to change in the tag code to allow double buffering to work?


OK, it seems that the RXAUTR bit needs to be set in the SYS_CFG register for multiple packets to be received in double buffering mode.

Hi Pe1

We have example code, example 2e: RX using double buffering, see API attached, the example code itself can be downloaded from our website its called DW1000 Application Programming Interface with STM32F10x Application examples and can be found on
Dependig on your MCU , you may have to port that software thought as the code is based on STM32F105RC, the MCU on a EVB1000
Our DW1000 user manual has also detailed information on what else to do, see section 4.3 Double Receive Buffer on page 29 in latest version 2.18.