Decawave PDoA kit release 1.1


I’ve noticed that the BETA_PDOA_KIT_RELEASE_1.1\Hardware\Tag_DWM1003_DEV schematics are actually for the DWM1001. Would it be possible to release a update that has the DWM1003 schematics included?


The package is correct. The DWM1001-DEV is used as the carrier board for the DWM1003.

OK, thank you for the clarification.

I haven’t seen PDoA kit on the official website. Could you please tell me how I can get the detailed information of DWM1003&DWM1002?
Best wishes!

Where are you based? I can put you in touch with local FAE in China

I work in Qingdao, China, thank you for your reply!

@Kenneth_Dwyer_DW Hi, can I have the link also? I cannot find the PDoA kit on the official website.