Decawave dwm UART shell mode

I am currently in the process of setting up the Decawave with a Raspberry Pi for a class project. After some initial struggles(to put it mildly) I finally have made some progress. I have successfully installed minicom and when typing in the command : minicom -D /dev/serial0 I am greeted with a welcome to minicom menu. The next step is to access the UART shell command which should be done by rapidly hitting the enter key when the minicom menu comes up. I have done this multiple times but nothing happens! Any suggestions?

Hi, are you using the DWM1001-DEV kit? If so, try the following
minicom -D /dev/serial0 -b 115200
otherwise, the DWM1001C module does not have firmware, so you must load it before using.

also validates serial connections

rpi rx-> dwm tx
rpi tx-> dwm rx


I tried typing in the the command (-D /dev/serial0 -b 115200) into the linux terminal, and still nothing works. I am using the DWM1001-DEV kit.

the dwm1001-dev module requires soldering a connector for the rpi. Check the position and welding of the pins.

To rule out possible card damage, connect the module dwm1001-dev to a Windows PC using a micro USB cable. You must install a virtual com device. Identify the number of com and test using the putty set to 115200 baud.