Decawave DRTLS Manager Problem


I just started to work with the MDEK1001 Kit and the Decawave DRTLS Manager App. I add 3 anchors and one tag on my network, I manually position the anchors. I can see on the app my 4 anchors and my tag, but my tag have not link quality signal and can’t modify it… It’s means that I can track my tag on the Grid. It’s look like my tag is not connected to the netwoork.
All my anchors have UWB active (also one Initiator).

Does anyone ever experience this problem ? :huh:

Thank’s in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas,

Have you tried to power off anchors to see if the tag is detected ?

It is possible all your BLE sockets are occupied by anchors, and that’s why the tag cannot connect to the android device.

Let me know how it goes,

Now all my anchors and tag are connected to decawave app but still no sign of my tag on the grid…
The link quality signal in red turn dark gray after few seconds. Is it normal ?
I use the FW2, as operating firware