Decawave DRTLS Manager- Android Application


Why is the mobile application -Decawave DRTLS manager is not available in the Google play store anymore?

I have previously downloaded it in my mobile. But When I tried to install in the other mobile from Playstore i couldn’t find it!

Has it been removed from play store?? .

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Will check to see what has happened, it was not intentionally removed.
The APK is still available on mirror sites for download and install.

Thanks for the information. Is there any plan for Releasing the newer version where I can manually change the seat numbers of the anchors(If possible)

We will be just reinstating the APK with Google privacy related updates.
There will not significant change in the APK operation.

FYI the application is now back on the google play store. Same version as previously but we’ve added privacy policy.


I can’t find the DRTLS Manager app on the google play store. Has it been removed again?

Update: For those of you like me who’ve never owned an android phone, the apk file is available for download on the decawave/qorvo website. An apk file is an Android app file that, once downloaded, operates like a normal app downloaded from the app store. You don’t need to go through the google play store to get the app.

Actually right now the app is nowhere to find on the decawave website (please share a link if it is available) nor is it available in the playstore. I found a apk somewhere else but it doesn’t seem to connect with the tags.
Some link to a official download source would be nice.

Hi @Fabi111
you can find it on Qorvo web site - MDEK1001 - Qorvo .


Thanks for the information, found it in another thread when I went searching for the connection error.
This link will be a great help for the next person following the instructions!

Have a nice day.