Decawave application to detect location of human in space within the detection range

New to decawave, can I use decawave board (not sure which board to use) to create application to detect the exact location in space of 1 or more human in space ?

if it is possible, what is the setup like ? using how many boards and how these boards are coordinated and communicated to a laptop ?


hey there!.
Well sorry, but first i think you should search a bit more about indoor localization systems, and specially about the UWB.
The right response to you can be yes, depends, or not possible, and so on…
With the decawave devices and a “localization system” you can obtain positions using know references using anchors (like GPS). But the “exact” location depends on many fators and the precison you asking can or cannot be the one you want.
Is your implementation a LOS or have soft or harder NLOS scenario?..

Thanks ruigomes for the reply,
I am new to radio wave programming,
hence, looking for a board that comes with build in libraries and API, allowing me to use the library to pick up distance information and its angle from the axis of antenna whenever human presence is detected, the library should handle complication of deflected wave due to NLOS, such that it is transparent as a caller to the API routines.

Not sure if Decawave boards serve this purpose ? or there is other more suitable boards providing this high level applicaiton interface ?



Ok so from the DecaWave you have different devices for different purposes… But yes you have documentation and API library that you can attach to you project and then develop you own solution.
I acquired the MDEK1001 kit that brings 12 devices and i developd my on localization system for my testings. Keep in mind that the decawave has a firmware to load on thesse boards and using the documentation you can see that you can implement an easy solution to test out the uwb technology.
Offcourse there are another technologies/brands like POZYX with less documentation but you can take a look too. Even POZYX uses the decawave uwb module.
So, as you can see, if you want something more suitable to your needs (having more control) you probaly need to develop in C code fallowing the ss_twr_simple exmple. If you only need to test out the uwb localization the solution that decawave offers could be sufficient.

Hi ruigomes, I have missed out an important requirement,
can DecaWave allows detection the presence of minimum 1 or more persons behind 14cm brick wall , this is the minimum requirement.

If Yes, please enlighten me which DecaWave device enable this.



Hey there!
Well that question shows me that you need to study a litle more about the UWB signals. It is possible like the Wi-Fi signal can “travel some walls”. But in NLOS will raise more erros then the LOS situation.
So the answer is yes. In my case im using the mdek1001 kits (dev1000 boards i belive) that is a range-based (ToF distances calculation).
You have more documentation about this on the decawave website.