DecaRanging application in EVK1000 does not work anymore

Our EVK 1000 used to work perfectly. Lately, we have observed the following behavior with the same computers, SO versions and DecaRanging installations that used to work:

  • with a desktop computer, everything keeps working as usual
  • with a laptop, DecaRanging launches and the CIRs are shown, but no distance measurements are estimated or recorded
  • with another laptop, DecaRanging does not even launch, the following message is displayed: “ERROR - cannot open a cheetah device or connect to EVK1000 over COM port”
    I would be grateful for any hint to make DecaRanging work again with the laptops.


There could be some thing wrong (2) here…

  1. (no ToF) You EVK1000 might have ST Software in the ARM which is not compatible with Disarranging PC.
    If the Software in the ARM is 2.35, Then your PC Decaranging should be version 2.58
    if the Software in the ARM is 3.05 or 3.11 than the PC Decaranging should be version 3.05

  2. Cheetah ERROR… You probably have not loaded the virtual ST driver for the USB. Please check Decaranging User manual section 2.1 USB virtual COM: port software installation