DecaRanging application for EVK1000 not opening


I am trying to get the DecaRanging App to open, but when I go to open it, it returns an error “Cannot open a cheetah device or connect to EVK1000 over COM port”. I have followed the DecaRanging PC users guide and was able to install the STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port and it is on COM33. I have a 3.05 board and am using 3.05 software. Thank you for your time.

You have done all the right things, but you may have forgotten 1 more thing.
Have you set the board connected to the PC in USB to SPI mode?
This is done by setting S1-3 to OFF, see EVK user manual section 4.3 External application control of the DW1000 via the USB interface (J5)


Thank you so much! That was the problem. I cannot believe I missed that.