DecaRanging and DWM1001 are compatible?

Hi, I have a MDEK1001 with 12 DWM1001.

I am interested in TWR algorithm to measure the real-time distance between a TAG and a group of sparse Anchors. I am interested to know when and how far I am to an anchor. The anchors could stay really far from each other. I am not interested in the RTL.

Is it correct that I can not easily use the DRTLS Anchors to achieve this?
I have read about the TWR and the DecaRanging SW that runs on the EVB1000.
Is there any way to use the DWM1001 devices to perform TWR using DecaRanging SW?

Thank you for any help

Hi @trizioPucci
the DecaRanging and PANS are not compatible with each other. Decaranging will provide you just simle distance measurement but PANS provide mature RTSL network.

Regarding the distance) with PANS you can observe the distance on TAG (for example via shell - les command) but it is not possible to observe them on Anchors.


Hi, thank you for your reply but I do not need RTLS at all.

As I told the Anchor are sparse, which means that they could stay in completely distant rooms, for example, 20 meters from each other) so it is not possible to implement any RTLS whit only one anchor at a time.
I need exactly the DecaRange algorithm. I need only the Tag/Anchor distance. I need to know if and when I am close to the anchor.
I have tried to configure four anchors in four different rooms but the distance measurement is not working fine.
I tried to use in this way the MDEK1001 devices but the behaviour is inconsistent.
I have placed 3 Anchor in 3 rooms all configured to be part of the same network and all with the initiator flag set. I walk freely with the tag, going up and down between the anchors. the LES or LEC commands, sometimes give me the anchor detection and the distance some time I have to wait several seconds, sometimes I never receive the detection.
I have to detect the anchor as fast as possible (the update time is 10Hz) because I have to detect when the tag is in a 1M range from an anchor while the tag is moving in the environment.

Decarange is implemented on two board TREK1000, the boards on which the Decarange is implemented, and on that board, the UWB chip is DW1000.
The same chip (different FW) is on my MDEK1001.

So the chip is the same but the antenna looks really different.

Is there any way to detect the anchors under the sparse scenario in a consistent and fast way?

Cheers, fabrizio