DecaRanging_5p02 not range using nRF52840DK + my DW3000BOARD

HI, everyone!
i designed a PDOA node board using DW3220 and a tag board using DWM3000, it was fine when running the ex_06a_ss_twr and ex_02h_simple_rx_pdoa, and getting the distance and PDOA data, although the PDOA data is not accurate. Recently i think of the GUI application, so i directly download the Slotted_TWR_Demo_ARM–52840DK program into this 2 boards. The DecaRanging app can connect this 2 boards, set tag role ,listen the blink message from tag, choose the tag to set node or anchor role, but after that, nothing happens. Just like this 2 picture:

It seems that node can receive poll and send response, but tag can’t receive anything and always TO(timeout). I tried to change the Ranging Init message to 300 as <known_issues.MD> said, increase of decrease Anchor\Tag response delay, put Tag and node 1m away form each other, change some of the channel configurations, it still doesn’t work.
Anyone know why? Thanks a lot!

I just see the title of TAG is “Tag Blinking”, that means they are not pair??
But why, That‘s really confusing me.