DecaRangin not starting


sorry if this problem has already been solved before, I couldn’t find it on the forums.
When I download the EVK1000 kit software package from the Decawave software page,
I extract the archive, then go to the ‘exe’ folder and then run the DecaRanging executable (as standard user or admin). A splashscreen appear with the DecaRanging logo, and then nothing. The cursor remains like the computer is busy, but even after a long wait the app does not open. There is no error message neither. I am trying all of these on a Windows 10 computer.

Can you help me start DecaRanging ?


Hi ,
Is your virtual driver loaded, would you have ran driver Package file (DPinst.exe) as decribed in the readme file?

README.pdf (186.8 KB)

When installing the driver rebooting the system with driver signature disabled should allow the drivers to install with hopefully no problems.



Everything is now working properly.
I had installed the driver package file.

Thanks for your help !