DecaRangeRTLS ARM source code Guide


I was referring to the document “Understanding and using the DecaRangeRTLS ARM source code” Version 2.2.

It seems some sections of this document is conflicting with the application note APS013 - "The implementation of twoway ranging with the DW1000 ".

In DecaRangeRTLS_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf in section 4.1 General ranging frame format, the message format description(Figure 9: Ranging message encodings) is not as per section 2.3.1 General ranging frame format in APS013_The-Implementation-of-Two-Way-Ranging-with-the-DW1000_v2.3.pdf(Figure 5: Ranging message encodings).

Which is the correct packet format. Please help

Shijo Thomas

The DecaRangeRTLS ARM source code describes messages used in TREK1000 demo/application.

APS013 describes how someone may do TWR, it gives an idea of what messages may contain. There is no source code / application code supplied which use this.

could you send me the DecaRangeRTLS ARM source code giude?

I can find it

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thank you vert much