Debugging Options

I would like to find out what are the library options for the DWM1001 / DWM1000 for arduino

Also what are the debugging options if I use the virtual box image - is it gdb + eclipse ?


There is no official arduino library for the dwm1001 or either dw1000. Maybe take a look at open project on the web such as :

Regarding the debugging, you can have a free license with Segger Embedded Studio as the dwm1001 is based on the nRF52832. The dwm1001-dev board has an intagerated segger for debugging.

Otherwise, gdb/exlipse will do the job but the installation is less straightforward.

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Hello Yves

Is there a easy way to open the existing demo’s like dwm-simple in segger embedded studio or can it only be done in the virtual box system?

I have the 12 DWM1001-Dev units in the kit - and i am able to built in the virtual box

I also have 3 loose DWM1001 modules i intent to make a PCB for - can I use a standard USB j-link unit to debug on these without changing settings?

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Hi Better adapter,

It’s possible to port the environment to segger embedded studio but not completely straightforward.

If the virtual box works for you stick to it maybe.

Yes for the dwm1001 module a standard Jlink can be used, connected to the swd pins.

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