Debug & VirtualBox


I have a DWM1001 DEVELOPMENT BOARD, and i’ll try to compile and send the example (dwm-simple.c) from eclipse, the build works, but I have a problem with the debug mod:
“unresolved inclusion : stdio.h” I had try to install the “GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain” but I think I made any errors because it doesn’t work.

Could you help me ?

PS: the “dw@dw:~/Documents/dwm/examples/dwm-simple$ make recover” command works !*


does the compile completely? there are loads of warnings but it is only the compiler output that matters. I have just had the 12 x DWM1001 kit the past week so getting used to it now.

No it’s not a warning he can’t find “stdio.h” so the “J-link transfer” is stop at 61% and after that the LED D20 of the DEV-DW1001 freeze On.

I have plug the DEV-DW1001 on my computer and followed this tutorial :

But I don’t understand why it doesn’t work

thank you for your time :wink:

**I have the same problem :