Datasheet full of mistakes, is there a newer Version available?


Since the Library offered is buggy and closed source with no sign of fixes from the official side I needed to study the datasheet a bit more in detail and realized what a mess it is. It looks like they lost the original source an used a pdf to docx converter to recover the contents. (Maybe multiple times).

But other than the inconsistency there are also clear mistakes and I would like to see the datasheet updated regarding those errors. Most of the time I can assume whould should be written instead of what was written but it is not always clear.

For example:
Bit Areas do not match, and register address do not match at all.


Hi @Octagon3824 ,

Sorry for that, we’re working on a recent version of DW3000 User Manual.
Meanwhile, you can have a look at QM33100 User Manual
which is more recent and have too much in common with DW3000 part.

Are you aware that there is a new DK release using a more recent version of the driver 6.0.14.
I’m not sure which bugs you’re referring to, but you can try with the new version and check if your issues will be solved.

Hope it helps,

You may want to take a look at this post. It’s an attempt to fill in the gaps in the poor documentation.

The DW1000 user manual wasn’t perfect but was as good as you can reasonably expect for a complex part. The DW3000 one is a mess with whole sections missing.
My personal favourite was where manual said to refer to the device driver source code for details of how to do something. And then the source code (before it became closed source) then modified registers that weren’t listed in the manual or changed fields that the manual either didn’t mention or listed as reserved, do not change.

If we weren’t already using the DW1000 I wouldn’t have touched the DW3000 purely due to the poor documentation.

Thanks for the reaction. I will check the QM33100 Manual, but this is not the same silicon right? Is the register set completely the same?

I actually scraped the datasheet the get all field/register definitions from the DW3000 User manual and the amount of errors, coming from probably copy pasting register definitions was very high. I hope the new datasheet is not manually written but generated from a single source of register definitions so that errors can be directly seen (overlapping field definitions and similar) and fixed on your side. Looking forward to it.

Hi @Octagon3824 ,

Yes right QM33 is not the same silicon as dw3000. In addition, it is supporting the Japanese pulse shape and also have some differences in the register set. Still, most of the registers are the same.

We will work on a new version of DW3000 User Manual soon.


Hello Wassim,

So it’s the same, but not the same.

You probably doing what you can, but this is totally useless to the user. In the end everything needs to be checked twice anyway now.

Anyway, I also have some QM33 Boards available to me now and tried them with our existing codebase, which did not work out of the box. Which is probably to be expected. So, do you know which register exactly (may) have changed? That would be really awesome to know.

Hi @Octagon3824 ,

if you’re using QM33, then I already replied above with links to User Manual and software package.

Yes I have seen those, but after 5 Minutes of reading I realized the register addresse have changed. And to be honest, I don’t know if I should believe they have really changed or someone just messed up the order for what ever reason.

For Example it looks like Register File 0, got extended and now includes some Registers which were previously in File 1. And Registers in File 1 have shifted their addresses. So I look up that Registers to check for changes and I see again, like with the DW3000 things like this:

Hi @Octagon3824 ,

Yes right some registers addreses have been changed. For instance, channel control register address has changed to 0x10008 for QM33.