Data transfer between DWM3000 nodes


is it possible to transfer data/files like documents, pictures, oder soundfiles over UWB from one dwm3000 module to another?
I have seen some posts about that in the dwm1000/1001 category.
Are there examples?



Yes it’s possible but not very fast or reliable. The data capability is intended more for the data needed to allow positioning or for the results of it rather than bulk transfer.
The UWB protocol is one way and has a limited packet size so you need to implement your own error / dropped packet detection and retransmission layer if you want to get reliable data transfer. Think of it as being UDP broadcasts rather than a TCP socket connection.

And transmit and receive example will do, just change the packets to being the data you want to send.

Thanks Andy,

is it correct, that this “issue” came with the IR-UWB modulation scheme, which is used for precise localization?
For higher throughput data transmission, i could theoretically use the MC-UWB (multi-carrier) scheme.
Would there be any problem to implement this schmeme in the qorvo DWM3000?
Or is the used hardware optimized for the IR-UWB scheme?

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