Data Rate of DWM3000

Hi everyone.

Whether DWM3000 supports 50Mbps (or over) data rate or not?
(It doesn’t matter if it’s experimental)


DWM3000 (DW3000) supports 4z BPRF, 850kbps and 6.81Mbps data rates. It does not support 50Mbps.

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Hi Kenneth,
Mouser is reporting that 27Mbps is an available data rate. Is this not true?

This is not a 4z standarrd mode and not currently supported by the DW3000 family.

"Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a radio technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4a and 802.15.4z standards that can enable a more precise measure of the Time of Flight of the radio signal, leading to centimeter accuracy distance/location measurement.

In addition to this unique capability, UWB offers data communication capability up to 27 Mbps, while using extremely little energy "

Let me be clearer on this, the DW3000 mode we have implemented is not a 4z standard mode.