Data from the teraterm

Hi all,
We are collect positioning data from teraterm for mdek 1001 kits. Can anyone tell me why some values

of coordinate of the Tag are negative. For example: est=[1.81,-0.06,3.21 100]. What does negative


Thanks for any help.

Hi Fuhu

The X,Y,Z, calculated by the tag is relative to the 0, 0, 0 anchor you have defined in your system.

So -0.06 means the tag is 0.06m along the Y axis but in the opposite direction of the axe. (So if you’re axe is oriented towards the ight for example, it would be 0.06 from origin towards the left)

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for your reply and help. So could you explain how to work out the X and Y axis in practical. Obviously the Z axis can be measured the height from anchors and tag. I am confuse the X and Y axis in unequal edge shape for anchors and tag. Is it choose one of the anchor to build a coordinate axis, then calculate the X and Y values?