Hallo all,

I have got a Problem with the activating the CW-mode of the DW1000.
I want to check und trim the frequency of the oscillator from the EVB1000.
The „DW1000 USER MANUAL“ (capital 8.1 “IC Calibration – Crystal Oscillator Trim“) says I have to write at the “Sub-Register 0x2A:0C – TC_PGTEST“ a 0x13. Now the CW-mode should be activated but the spectrum analyzer didn’t show any change and at the “[size=medium]0x0F – System Event Status Register” are all bit set.
The same happens when I use the function “[/size]dwt_configcwmode“ from the “DW1000 DEVICE DRIVER APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE (API) GUIDE“.

Is this correct what is shown at the status register?
How I able to recognize the variance of the oscillator frequency on the spectrum analyzer?

Best regards

Hi ,
Please have a look at our example code for CW, ex_04a_cont_wave.
It’s part of our API for the DW1000. You can download from our website.


I think I got it.
[size=medium] I forgot that the SPI rate must be lower than 3MHz.[/size]

[font=Calibri, sans-serif][size=large]Thank you for your help[/size][/font]