Customize the BLE UUID of the DWM1001

Hi all,

As the user/everyone can using the official APP(DTLS Manager ) to access the tag and anchor freely, it is not good for real product.

Is there any way that can keep the DMW1001 as private and vendor specific, so that not everyone can control it?

One of the solution is we can change those characteristic UUID. Then the official APP can’t access it.
So, can we customize the BLE UUIDs of the DWM1001?

If not, is it possible Decawave can customize the firmware for us?


Hello Hcmok

The PANS RTLS frimware and DTLS app are intended as a demo to showcase the use of the DWM1001 module and DW1000 IC in RTLS solutions. it is not intended as a “real product”.

The PANS firmware was created in collaboration with @leapslabs ( I suggest contacting them for customized firmware.