Custom Firmware for the QPG6095 BLE/ZigBee SoC?

I want to use the QPG6095 SoC as a ZigBee communications controller.
Just the ZigBee controller stack - without the Matter stack.
I’d like to be able to flash this SoC with my own custom firmware, including a ZigBee controller stack.

To do this, I’m looking for the following:

  1. The full technical reference - SoC registers, I/O map, programming information, etc.
  2. An SDK, BSP or OS support library (RTOS, Linux, bare metal, etc.)


Hi Bob,

Do you want to implement a Zigbee coordinator role with QPG6095? We don’t have the SDK for QPG6095 for a controller role. Instead we have SDK for QPG6095 for various endnode applications e.g. Light, Switch, SmartPlug and Door/Window Sensor in the SDK.

Not all the register info are included, but peripheral (I/O map) registers/guide are included in the QPG6095 user manual.


Hi Panda,

Thank you for the quick response!

Yes, I would like to implement Zigbee coordinator, or maybe a router.
I am considering splitting up the Zigbee stack between the QPG6095 a different Cortex-M4 based MCU, which will also run our own application.

I briefly looked through the Qorvo github repository and I saw the QMatter and QGateway repos, but I didn’t see the endnode applications or documentation for the QPG6095.

Where can I download the QPG6095 SDK and user manual?

I think that would be a great place to start.

BTW, I like your name “Panda”! It made me smile.


HI Bob,

Have you also looked at our QPG7015M?
The QPG7015M is our go-to platform for Zigbee coordinators. It is platform certified and is even given golden unit status for both Zigbee Pro 2023 and Zigbee Direct.
In addition to Zigbee, it also supports Thread/Matter (Thread Border Router for Matter) and Bluetooth Low Energy concurrently using Qorvo’s ConcurrentConnect Technology.

If you want to learn more about this part, please reach out to a Qorvo sales person using the QPG7015M Product Page on our website to request a development kit for this platform.

Hi Tim,

I have indeed looked at the QPG7015M and it is impressive.

Unfortunately, I am required to work with the QPG6095 for the current project.

I am still unable to locate any low-level technical documentation for programming the QPG6095.
Or finding the example end-nde apps.


Hi Bob,

The QPG6095 DK (SW and HW) is not publicly available.
I will get in touch with you offline to discuss your project and access for the DK.

Kind regards,

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