Custom communication between anchor and tag


I’m using DWM1001 devices as anchors/tags and PANS R2.0 firmware API through C user application.

I am wondering if it is possible to send custom data (e.g. tag’s position) from a tag to an anchor, or maybe to broadcast data to all anchors.

  1. An anchor can read IoT data send by a tag through dwm_usr_data_write API?
  2. Group Poll Message sent by the tag which initiates TWR exchange contains last computed position. Is there a way to get this data inside user C app on anchor?

I will appreciate, if you could give me some clarifications or indicate other ways to achieve what I want.


I’m trying to send some data from a tag to a bridge node as IoT data.

On tag:

  • configure node as tag
  • on DWM_EVT_LOC_READY event I use dwm_usr_data_write API to send some data.

On bridge node:

  • configure node as anchor-bridge
  • register DWM_EVT_USR_DATA_READY event
  • wait event to read data

On the bridge node DWM_EVT_USR_DATA_READY event is never reached.
Also, on the tag node DWM_EVT_USR_DATA_SENT event doesn’t happens and dwm_usr_data_write doesn’t return any error code.

What I’m doing wrong? Maybe I missed something…