Current consumption difference between DW1000 and DWM1000

Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions regarding DW1000 power consumption in TX and RX as compared to the DWM1000.

We were running some tests using the DWM1000 and got the following results for current consumption of the unit for Channel 1 @ 110 Kbps.

TX Preamble = 112 mA
TX Data = 50 mA
RX On (Preamble Search) = 132 mA

It should be noted that these values are after the microcontroller current consumption was subtracted (approx 38 mA).

According to the DW1000 datasheet Tables 26 and 27 the current consumption should be 83 mA, 40 mA and 113 mA respectively for these modes. Also the DWM1000 datasheet doesn’t give any specific value of current for the different portions of TX and RX and gives 140 mA for TX (highest power setting) and 160 mA for RX respectively.

Can anyone comment on the differences in the values. Also does the DW1000 have some other current consumption apart from TX and RX that is happening in the background that has to be taken into account.

Thanks and Regards,