Create symbol for hierarchical

I see the several posts on symbol creation for hierarchical blocks.
In KSKelvin’s guide, I’m still on unclear on slide 22 specifically. The process is:

  1. draw schematic with ports
  2. create another schematic where it will be used
  3. draw hierarchical box
  4. copy that box
  5. paste into a new symbol editor, which can be edited
    But now what? The symbol doesn’t get updated in the parent schematic, and if I copy the edited symbol back to it. the pins don’t show up. So how is the edited symbol actually used?

The purpose of that section is to explain how to create a symbol file for hierarchical blocks. Hierarchical blocks involve calling a .qsch file instead of using a library with .subckt or .model files.

Creating a symbol file specifically refers to creating a .qsym file.

Once you have created and saved a symbol using the .qsym format, you can place it into the schematic using either of the following methods:

  1. From your file explorer, locate the .qsym file and drag it into the schematic. This action will place the symbol in the schematic.
  2. In Qspice, go to View > Symbol & IP Browser. Add the symbol path in this window. Now you can select and drag your symbol from this window onto the schematic.

Thanks a lot. That was a missing piece!

I will update the document later today. The guide was originally created for my own reference, and I didn’t write it thoughtfully. It’s possible that there are some methods included that may seem less optimal now. When I started these guides, I wasn’t very familiar with Qspice…

I’ve learned from the guides all the same. It would be great if the Help/Documentation had anything close to what you’ve compiled.