Create library from hierarchical schematics


is there a way to generate a library of my hierarchical blocks?
It would be nice if I could just drag and drop them from the Symbol & IP Browser.

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Mike gave an instruction in this post. If you need additional information to create a symbol from subckt, you can scroll down that post and I have two slides for that.
With that, you can create a symbol (.qsym) which consist of the subckt, which means you symbol contains everything the simulator need.
You don’t have to add into Symbol & IP Browser, you can simply drag the .qsym file from windows explorer to schematic, and symbol will load into schematic.

Best Directory structure and library path definitions for Hierarchical schematics and reusable symbols - QSPICE - Qorvo Tech Forum

This is a summary of Mike’s instruction.

Thank you very much for the guideline, works very nicely!

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