CPU requirements in a multi-anchor and multi-tag system

Hello everyone, I plan to purchase an UWB DW3000 board to build an indoor positioning system. However, I’m not sure about the CPU computing power required for multi-tag multi-anchor scenarios. For example, how many MHz of CPU performance is needed to locate a single tag? How much CPU performance is required to locate 100 tags?
Most of the cases I have found so far involve positioning a single tag in a small room, so I don’t know which Dashboard and CPU I should buy to meet the requirement. I am looking forward to and greatly appreciate your response!

You need to understand the design of your system first…

I am afraid this is more complex that purchasing an MCU, as next you would ask for SW/FW and that what is an intellectual property for many companies, so no-one would share with you their resources for free.

Generally speaking, the needed resources are not high, Cortex M3, M4, M33 is sufficient for most applications.
nRF52833, nRF52840 are target MCU in Qorvo, as well I know other companies were using stm32F429 with Ethernet…

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