CPU block or Reset

Hi everyone!
My system is composed by a single Tag and several Anchors ( at least 4 anchors). I use UWB interrupts (rx_ok_cb,rx_err_cb…) to apply DS_TWR. Everything worked fine.
I’m using DWM1001 which includes BLE operations so I started to send advertising messages in order to improve functionalities.
As a result, I have experimented random CPU locks and software resets in both devices (Tag and Anchor). This issue is very random, it may happen once per 9h or after 10 minutes .
I tried to come back to the simplest configuration in Anchors (only receive messages and then, they start to listen messages again) while I make BLE advertising and it also happens.

void init_Wait(void)
dwt_setrxtimeout(0); /* Clear reception timeout to start next ranging process */
dwt_rxenable(0); /*Activate reception immediately */

static void rx_ok_cb(const dwt_cb_data_t *cb_data)

// Teorically, rx_ok callback clear rx good flags 
 uint32 frame_len = dwt_read32bitreg(RX_FINFO_ID)& RX_FINFO_RXFLEN_MASK;
dwt_readrxdata(rx_buffer, frame_len, 0); 
frame_seq_nbAnchor = rx_buffer[ALL_MSG_SN_IDX]; 	 

Leds are working fine until the reset.
I need to know if someone have noticed a similiar issue when using Softdevice and UWB.
Thank you in advance