Could there be a way to switch from the default compiler to an alternative one?

Is there a chance in the future, an option could be added that lets you specify an alternative compiler for C++ via route and command line flags?

For some reason, using the mars compiler in my environment triggers an anti-virus, and unfortunately, I’m stuck with some pretty rigid IT policies, where I can’t even add exceptions.

But using the MSVC compiler or gcc does not. So I usually compile with cl /EHsc /LD myfile.cpp kernel32.lib

It IS just an extra step, but it would be pretty nice if it could be an option in preferences or something.

Hi, Drops.

I don’t think there’s any such option and I doubt that Mike will add one. Frankly, the DMC compiler is ancient (20 yrs out of support and C++98 as best I can tell) so you probably want to stay with the newer compilers and use a modern IDE anyway.

I use Visual Studio Code (free) with the configurations on my GitHub repo to compile with DMC, MSVC, and MinGW compilers. Or, just set the project up in MSVC since you already have it. Either way, just Alt-Tab to switch between QSpice and the IDE.


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That is what I usually do actually, but for quick simulations where I want to add something simpler, it would be more convenient if I already had a different compiler set up within QSpice.

Of course, its just a few more clicks in the end so its a nitpick.