Could not create output .qraw file

I’m a first time user of Qspice, After downloading the software I am trying to run some basic in-built examples to understand the software, however I can’t simulate anything and getting a below error message:

Fatal error: Could not create output .qraw file

Could you please help resolve this?


Hi, prem2395.

Did you install “as user” or “as admin?”


Hi Robert,
Thanks for getting back!

I have installed as admin.
Also is there a way for user to change where the output files are pushed?
I think part of the problem might be that my path includes a Japanese character

Hmm. I’ve not seen anyone complaining about international character sets. The *.qraw files are created in the schematic folder. Maybe copy the schematic to a new folder (to ensure that you have full system rights) and open from there?

Hi Robert,

I tried copying the schematics to new folder, that doesn’t seem to be working.


any error or warning you receive after .qsch is copied into a new folder?
Are you install Qspice into default installation directory?
It is strange why a .qsch in a new folder cannot work. But make sure you are not copying an example which requires .dll together… may be copy demo “Amp.qsch” to a new folder (all english character) to verify.

Hi Kelvin, Installed Qspice on default directory in C:
And I saved a very basic .qsch file in My documents folder to make sure that it does not go on Onedrive

I’m still getting an error in Qspice where it complaints about not able to find directory on Onedrive.

how about creating a folder in c drive, e.g. c:\QspiceSim
it seems that your schematic file is still in a directory that contains non-english character (from ??? return)… if I test with chinese character directory, i can get a same error message.

Hi Kelvin,

Just a quick update, I think the schematic file .qsch was still getting backed up on One drive previously.

It’s almost like I have to ‘hide’ .qsch from Onedrive in order for sim to work, and that seems to fix the issue. I can simulate the designs now


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