Corridor/Tunnel issues

we are going to preform an additional test for a customer demonstration.
we are experiencing an issues and we need supports.
The application is quite particular…
MDEK DW1001 Tracking service is required in a square section tunnel of about 2.5m for a 20 meters long corridor.(for this first customer demo)
We placed 4 anchors (vertically placed) , 1 tag (vertically placed , moving in corridor) .
After the first test we experienced some jump in measures (±70/80cm accuracy) especially (but not only) when the tag stand at 30-50cm from the lateral walls and especially (but not only) wen tag stand close to anchors . Generally, the experienced accuracy in is below 20cm .
The ground and the lateral walls are thick concrete, the ceiling is covered by metallic plate patch driving and sustaining cables .
I presume the problem is a strong multipath environment…not sure how to mitigate with PAN settings only…(maybe some particular installation? masking ?)

installation: 2 Anchors are placed with 2 meter apart(for the short side) and 30-40cm from he walls and another 2 anchors placed inside the tunnel after 16meters.

Of course if we solve or mitigate the issue reported we get a new customer and me personal and Decawave happiness :smiley: (50 to 100 tunnel to cover)


Hi team,

I have a similar problem, can someone help me?