Correlation- and positioning algorithm TREK1000


I’ve tried reading the source code guide for the DecaRangeRTLS software and many other user manuals and application notes, but I have yet to find information detailing the method for detecting the transmitted pulse in the receiver. From what I have read, I understand it’s quite common to correlate the received pulse with a template of the transmitted pulse. This would imply that it’s paramount that the antenna used retains the pulse shape. But if I could get some input on the specifics of the TREK1000 and DecaRangeRTLS I’d be very happy.

I’ve also failed to acquire specifics regarding the positioning algorithm. I have a good understanding of how the ranging works, but I’m interested in how the multilateration works. Least-square approximation, non-linear LSQ, particle filter, Kalman?

Appreciate any kind of help with my questions. If I missed some documents, maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

Best Regards,
Gustaf Dahl

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