Conversion of a EVK1000 to a TREK1000

We have bought two EVK1000 kits for distance measurement.
Now we plan to extend the distance measurement to a position tracking / navigation, as provided by the TREK 1000 kit.

I got the information from decawave that the firmware of the EVB1000 boards needs to be updated with the firmware of the TREK1000.

The zip file with the binary files found under following link:

This zip file contains two binary files:

  • \STM2.10_CooCox_PC3.6\DecaWave_TREK1000_Source_STM2.10_PC3.6\TREK1000\DecaRangeRTLS Binary\DecaRangeRTLS_ARMrev2p10.bin

  • \STM2.25_CubeMX_PC3.8\Decawave_TREK1000_Source_STM2.25MX_PC3.8\TREK1000\DecaRangeRTLS Binary\DecaRangeRTLS_ARMCubeMxrev2p25.bin

Which binary has to be used to update the firmware on the EVB1000 boards?
Which tool is needed for software update?

Many thanks for support


You can user either of them, but stick to the PC decaranging version which comes with the zip file.
You may as well uses 2.25 and decaranging version 3.8.

STlink shall be used to flash the ST Arm on the boards.