Conneting DW1001-Dev API with DW1000 examples

I have 3 DWM1001-Dev modules and several DWM1000 modules. I managed to setup DWM1001-Dev with a shell API. Tried to use them both as tags and anchors, it works well.
I connected DWM1000 with SPI to STM32F103 MCU and ported your API for STM32. Project compiles, SPI works well, it passes init function and gets DW1000 ID successfully.
I set one DW1001-Dev module as anchor initiator and 2 other as simple anchors.
My question is, if I can use your “DS TWR RESP” example for STM32 to make DWM1000 modules act as tags and connect them to DW1001-Dev anchors without changing dev-modules’ API? I want DW1001-Dev modules to act as anchors and DWM1000 with STM32-host as tags.
My goal is to get distance from tags to anchors with ds-twr method (computing distance on DWM1000 host with your example).
Tried “DS TWR RESP” and “TWR RESP” examples (сhanged dw1000 channel to №5 ) with DWM1001-Dev (set up as anchor initiator), haven’t suceed yet. Are there any other parameters I have to change in example to connect dwm1000 to dwm1001?

If you are using DWM1001-DEV with built in FW (PANS FW), which I suppose you are doing since you are saying you are connecting via shell, then you can only use these with other DWM1001-DEV boards running PANS FW.

If you develop your own FW for the DWM1001-DEV boards, or put simple examples onto it, then they can inter-operate with your other HW (DWM1000 and STM).

I am using DW1000 with STM32F103C8T6 compiling source code with system work bench but when i compile built TWR_INIT and TWR_RESP excamples and download to the board but microcontroller does not return distance can anyone solve my problem
Thank You