Connecting Qorvo QM33120WDK1 to MATLAB for Indoor Localization System

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on an indoor localization system using the Qorvo QM33120WDK1. I need to connect my Qorvo system with MATLAB to retrieve the information and use it in my code. I’ve attempted to establish a connection through the serial port, but I encountered some issues and received error messages.

I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance on how to establish a successful connection between my Qorvo system and MATLAB so that I can efficiently utilize the data in my project.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
my code :
"% Remplacez les paramètres suivants par les valeurs spécifiques à votre matériel
port = ‘COM6’;
port1 = ‘COM7’;

baudrate = 9600; % Vitesse de communication en bauds
dataBits = 8;
stopBits = 1;
parity = ‘none’;

% Ouvrir la connexion série
s = serial(port, ‘BaudRate’, baudrate, ‘DataBits’, dataBits, ‘StopBits’, stopBits, ‘Parity’, parity);
s2 = serial(port1, ‘BaudRate’, baudrate, ‘DataBits’, dataBits, ‘StopBits’, stopBits, ‘Parity’, parity);


for t = 2:inf
% Lecture de la réponse du matériel depuis les ports série s, s2, s3, s4
response1 = fscanf(s);
response2 = fscanf(s2);

end "

Try baudrate = 115200

I will try it , thanks