Connecting MDEk1001 with raspberry pi

i test my rpi with MDEK1001 dev kit as shown in the user guide.It works fine but when the location data show it ha (x,y,z,??).
i Don’t know the last one value.When i read the tag_cfg.c file
“HAL_Print(”\t[%d,%d,%d,%u]\n", loc.p_pos->x, loc.p_pos->y, loc.p_pos->z,loc.p_pos->qf);"
So the first three are x,y and z position. What is the qf???

Hi Zweyintaung,

First of all, the information below is valid for the current release only as the future release use a very different location engine and quality factor implementation.

The quality factor in release 1 provides an estimate of the error when calculating the position using the tri-lateration algorithm.

A value of 50 signifies only 3 range were available to perform tri-lateration and error could not be estimated.

A value of 0 signifies the tag could range to 4 anchors and the error was superior to 50cm when comparing with the 4th range.

A value from 51 to 100 signifies the error was < 50cm, 100 being the best case.

In a well deployed system, QF should always be above 50.

Please let me know if you have any question,